Nozzle Blocks, Coaxial Needles and Platforms

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Nozzle Blokları

Nozzle blocks provide ease of use and cleaning thanks to the replaceable (disposable) electrospinning needle feature. Thanks to the pneumatic connector, a direct supply connection can be made to the Nozzle block with a 6mm diameter hose. 4 or less and 8 or less nozzles can be attached to NB-4 and NB-8 nozzle blocks, respectively . You can determine the number of nozzles you will use in each block yourself.


The nozzle blocks cleaning apparatus and spare nozzles are given as a gift with your order.

4 Nozzle Block

Part NumberProduct Name and Description
NB-4Nozzle Block ( suitable for 4 nozzles or less )
NB-8Nozzle Block ( suitable for 8 nozzles or less)

Coaxial Needles

Coaxial Needles are needles that provide two different concentric outlets for solution distribution, used to obtain core-shell structured nanofibers .

Part NumberProduct Name and DescriptionNeedle Inner and Outer Diameters
NCA-221722G-17G Coaxial needle22G: 0.41 mm – 0.71 mm
17G: 1.12 mm – 1.48 mm
NCA-251825G-18G Coaxial Needle25G: 0.25 mm – 0.61 mm
18G: 0.91 mm – 1.26 mm
NCA-201520G-15G Coaxial Needle20G: 0.61 mm – 0.91mm
15G: 1.45 mm – 1.81 mm
NCA-211621G-16G Coaxial Needle21G: 0.51 mm – 0.81 mm
16g: 1.25 mm - 1.61 mm

Nozzle Platforms:

Nozzle platforms are compatible with laboratory scale electrospinning devices NANOSO130- NANO-SO130RD and NANO-SO130RD-HT. If you want to use it in your own system, please contact us by filling out the contact form to check its suitability.

Part NumberProduct Name and Description
NBP-4NB-4 Nozzle Block (4 nozzles or less ).
NBP-8NB-8 and NB-4 Nozzle Block (8 and 4 nozzles , respectively ).
NCAP-1coaxial needle holderCompatible with NBP-4 and NBP-8 platforms, 4 coaxial pins can be attached .

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