Lab Jack Optical Lifts


Lab Jack Optical Lifts, also known as optical elevators allow the height adjustment of optical components mounted on the upper table with high precision and stability. Lab jack optic lifts are manufactured from high quality aluminum and stainless steel and offer a variety of travel range, precision and load capacity options. Lab jack optical lifts are produced either as motorized or manual.

There are 24 mounting holes with M6 thread at 25 mm centers on the top table of the standard laboratory lift (200 mm x 100 mm). On the lower table, there are M6 threaded mounting holes suitable for mounting on optical tables and optical carriers. Standard Lab Jack Optical Lift allows the height adjustment of loads weighing up to 25 kg in optical installations, in a 120mm range of motion in the Z axis, with 1 µm high precision with 1° screw movement. Lab Jack Optical Lift has a planar tolerance of +- 0.1 mm on a surface of 0.02 m².

Part CodeTable WidthRange of MotionMotion Sensitivity (1 ° pitch)Surface Flatness
LJ-2010-12200 mm x 100 mm120 mm1,28 um+- 0.1 mm on 0.02 m² surface

Standard Labjack Lab Lift Technical Specifications:

  • Movement Type: Linear (Z)
  • Material: Aluminum, Stainless Steel
  • Guidance System: Pantograph
  • Driver Type: Fine Pitch Transfer Screw for Precise Movement
  • Transfer Screw Pitch (mm): 0.5mm
  • Movement Accuracy (um): 1.28um (1 degree screw movement)
  • Movement Range (mm): 120mm
  • Top/Bottom Table Width: 200mmx100mm

ASENTEK designs and manufactures laboratory lifts with different range of motion, motion sensitivity and table width you prefer, specifically for your application. For more information or to create an order, please contact us by filling out the contact form .

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