NANO SO130 RD-HT Electrospinning Device

NANOSO130 RD HT e1684226215559

The NANOSO130RD-HT Electrospinning device is designed for R&D applications that require humidity and temperature control. It has a 30 kV power supply, a rotary disc collector and a multi-nozzle platform, together with a humidity and temperature control unit. It is produced with a single-channel or multi-channel syringe pump in line with your demands.

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Technicial Specifications:

  • Cabinet: Stainless Steel, Plexiglass , HDPEL:900mm, W:600mm, H:750mm
  • Humidity and Temperature Control: Humidity and temperature control unit with digital display
  • Voltage Range: 0-30 kV , Adjustable Digital Display
  • Syringe Pump: Single Channel, Programmable
  • Flow Rate: Between 0.727 µL / h (1 ml syringe) to 2120 ml/ h (60 ml syringe)
  • Between
  • Nozzle : HDPE Multi Nozzle Platform ( suitable for 4 nozzles or less )1mt Teflon Hose and 12 nozzle set
  • appropriate
  • 1mt Teflon Hose and 12 nozzle set
  • Security:
  • Power is cut off when doors are opened
  • Insulated and Grounded cabinet
  • HV warning lamp

Coating Surface:

  • Rotating Disc ( DxL ): 100mmx220mm, 1-2600 RPM, finely adjustable, digital display
  • Covering Distance: 30mm-400mm, Adjustable, Scaled

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