Light Modulators

Light modulators are devices used to change and interrupt light rays regularly or irregularly. The light modulator, which can perform many functions in scientific research and technological applications, is one of the prominent applications in thermal cameras to provide controlled change of the radiation falling on the detector. ASENTEK designs and manufactures various opto-mechanical light modulators.

Chopper (Optomechanical Light Modulator for Uncooled Thermal Cameras)

Technicial Specifications

Disc Diameter: 69 mm

Si Optical Disc with Archimedean pattern on the surface and micro Fresnel lens

Optical Transmittance:,  Non-Patterned Area: > 90% and Patterned (Lens) Area < 30% in the8-12 µm band

Motor Supply Voltage: Max. 6 Volts

Maximum Frequency: 3600 RPM

Its frequency is controlled and adjusted by the light sensor.

Optical transmittance of the Patterned Region in the 8-12 µm band, FTIR Measurement:

Optical transmittance of the Non-Patterned Region at the 8-12 µm band, FTIR Measurement:

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