Optical Mounts

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Optical mounts are optomechanical components that allow various optical components such as lenses, prisms, filters, polarizing optics and mirrors to be fixed in optical setups on an optical table or breadboards.

ASENTEK manufactures various optical mounts with high precision. Optical holders are manufactured from aluminum or stainless steel and are delivered with a matte black anodized finish. To create your order, please contact us by filling out the contact form.

  • Adjustable Spherical Optical Mounts
  • Prism Mounts
  • V Mounts
  • Filter Mounts

V Mounts

V Mounts allows fixing cylindrical optics in optical installations. V holders can be connected directly to optical tables or tables thanks to M6 holes, and their positions and heights can be adjusted with post holders and posts thanks to M4 holes.

Part numberProduct Name and DescriptionCylindrical Optics LengthCylindrical Optic Diameter
VM-1Small V Mount19.1 mmØ 0.5 – 20.8 mm
VM-2Big V Mount63,5 mmØ 6.6 mm – 51.8 mm

Spherical Optical Mounts

The spherical optical mounts allow the mounting of round objects of different lengths and thicknesses, such as lasers, lenses and lenses.

1" Spherical Optical Mounts (suitable for Ø 5-45 mm optics)

2" Spherical Optical Mounts (for Ø12-57 mm optics)

Part numberProduct Name and DescriptionDiameter of Spherical OpticsThickness of Spherical Optics
RM-11" Spherical Adjustable Optical MountØ 25 mmØ5-45 mm
RM-22” Spherical Adjustable Optical MountØ 50 mmØ12-57

Large Spherical Optical Holder Sizes allow mounting of spherical optics between Ø115-250 mm and up to 52mm thick.

Part numberProduct Name and DescriptionDiameter of Spherical OpticsThickness of Spherical Optics
BRM-1Large Spherical Optical HolderØ115-250 mmØ52 mm

Filter & Plate Holders

Filter & Plate Holders hold thin plates, filters and optical components such as resolution targets. Thanks to the M6 screw hole, it can be easily mounted on the breadboards and post holders.

Part number
Plate Dimensions
SPM-11 “(25 mm)
SPM-22” (50 mm)

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