Aluminum Optical Breadboards

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Aluminum Optical breadboards are produced in standard 12.7 mm thickness, with a surface flatness of ±0.15 mm on 1 m2 surfaces. There are M6 connection holes in 25 mm centers for fixing optical elements on them. There are 25 mm countersunk M6 connection holes on the four corners and they are easily fixed to optical tables and breadboards thanks to these holes . The final surfaces are delivered as an unanodized ground matte finish.

Technicial Specifications

Thickness12.7 mm
MaterielAlüminyum (5083 serisi)
Vacuum Compatibility10-6 Torr
Final SurfaceMatte Finish
Surface Flatness±0.15 mm on 1 m 2 surface
Hole Size and SpacingM6 connection holes at 25mm centers
Distance to First Hole12.5mm All Directions
Number of Countersunk HolesM6 Connection Holes on Four Corners – 25 mm in
Part number
(Width x Length x Thickness)
UAB-1020100 mm x 200 mm x 12.7 mm
UAB-1515150 mm x 150 mm x 12.7 mm
UAB-2020200 mm x 200 x 12.7 mm
UAB-2025200 mm x 250 x 12.7 mm
UAB-2530250 mm x 300 x 12.7 mm
UAB-3030300 mm x 300 x 12.7 mm
UAB-3045300 mm x 450 x 12.7 mm
UAB-3060300 mm x 600 x 12.7 mm
UAB-3090300 mm 900 x 12.7 mm

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