Thin Film Coating

Structural, electrical, magnetic, mechanical and optical properties of materials can be systematically improved by coating the surfaces within the scope of thin film technology with thin film using technologies such as chemical and physical deposition methods and printing techniques. Materials whose surfaces are functionalized with thin films that can be developed from nano to micro sizes play a key role in the development of many electro-optical systems such as lenses, holography, batteries, light filters, as well as devices such as sensors, detectors, solar cells, heat blankets, low emissivity glass.

ASENTEK offers optical thin film coating services, including design and coating with PVD (Vacuum Thermal Evaporation and Sputtering), CVD and spin coating techniques. Our thin-film coating team has experience in the creation of single-layer or multi-layer thin films with many different materials on substrates of many different properties and geometries.

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