Optical Positioners


Optical positioners are optomechanical components used to precisely adjust the position and alignment of optical components in optical setups.

Kinematic Spherical Optical Positioners

The angular and linear positions of 1" or 2" optical elements with wide precision with the help of 3 precision screws . There is an M6 connection at the bottom. In this way, it can be mounted directly on the optical table and the post holder. The product is made of aluminum and has an anodized surface .

Part numberSpherical Optical SizeAngular Adjustment Sensitivity
KM-25Ø 25 mm veya 1”±4°
KM-50Ø 50 mm or 2”±4°

Kinematic Spherical and Rectangle Optical Positioners

the angular and linear positions of prisms with wide precision.

Part numberSquare or Rectangle Optical SizeAngular Adjustment Sensitivity
KRM-2525.4 mm or 1” length±4°
KRM-5050.8 mm or 2” length±4°

Kinematic Plate and Filter Positioners

the angular and linear positions of Plates and Filters with wide precision.

Part numberPlate or Filter SizeAngular Adjustment Sensitivity
KPM-2525mm or 1” Square±4°
KPM-5050mm or 2” Square±4°

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