0-40 kV Pulsed DC High Voltage Power Supply

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A pulsed DC high voltage power supply is a type of power supply that produces a high voltage DC output in the form of pulses instead of a continuous output.

Product Code: HVPS-P-40-1

Technicial Specifications

  • Voltage: 2-40kVDC
  • Current: 0.5-10 mA
  • Frequency (for 40 kV): 56kHz
  • Frequency (for 2 kV): 134kHz
  • Max. Output Power: 400 Watts
  • Input: 230 VAC

Other Features:

  • Double fan reverse cooling system
  • 16x2 alphanumeric LCD display (volt current temperature and frequency)
  • In-system temperature display.
  • Control by potentiometer.
  • Power led indicators.
Part NumberProduct Name and DescriptionDimensions(Length, Width, Height)
HVPS-P-40-10-40 kV HVPS Pulsed DC High Voltage Power SupplyInput: 220V AC230 mm x 290 mm x 110 mm
HVPS-P-40-20-60 kV HVPS Pulsed DC High Voltage Power SupplyInput: 12V DC350 mm x 270 mm x 110 mm

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