0-40 kV DC Dual Polarity

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Part Number: HVPS-40-1

Technical Specifications

  • Positive and Negative Polarity
  • Output Voltage and Current Digital Monitoring
  • Temperature Display
  • Dual Fan Air Cooled

HV Output Polarity: Positive and Negative

Output Power: Adjustable between 0-40 kV

Output Current: 0.75 mA at 3 kV, 10 mA at 40 kV

Input Voltage: 220V

Output Power: 2.5-400 W

Operating Temperature: -10 ~ +50 oC

Storage Temperature: -20 ~ +80 oC

Relative Humidity: <90%Dimensions (x, y, z; mm): 230 x 290 x 100​

Each model can be produced with positive and/or negative polarity depending on your request. To create your order, please contact us by filling out the contact form.

Part NumberProduct Name and DescriptionDimensions(Length x Width x Height )
HVPS-40-10-40 kV HVPS DC High Voltage Power SupplyInput: 220V AC230 mm x 290 mm x 110 mm
HVPS-40-20-40 kV HVPS DC High Voltage Power SupplyInput: 12V DC350 mm x 270 mm x 110 mm

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